Hideaway at Silver Lake

January 31, 2023

Hideaway at Silver Lake

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Greene returns with a poignantly emotional story about the joys—and frustrations—of family, sisters, and self-discovery.

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays...but Poppy McGuire is done with all that! Her sisters are suffocating, and her father hasn’t done anything for himself in years. What she needs is a change—of pace, of heart, of attitude. ...and so she flees to an isolated Wisconsin cabin, determined to get through to a Happy Solo New Year’s.

At first, Poppy’s blissful solitude is only interrupted by a few welcome distractions in the form of her hunky, flannel-clad neighbor and his loveable—rather large—dog Bubbles. The weight of responsibilities falls off her shoulders, reigniting a joy in life she’d thought was long gone.

And then her sisters track her down—barging in unannounced with their problems and panics and overwhelming need to get Poppy to solve things. But a new year means new changes...it’s time for all these sisters to grow up before their family falls apart.

Hideaway at Silver Lake is Jennifer Greene at her best—characters you can’t help but love, a setting you can’t help but pine for, and the happily ever after we all aspire to find. This novel is a like a warm cup of cocoa, perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber and Jenny Colgan.

Excerpt 1

Poppy saw something new in Sam’s e yes. A warning. A challenge. Honesty, sharper than a blade. He was coming after her. He didn’t SAY that. All he did was hand her the plates

The first bite of fire-toasted chicken tasted like nectar. The second was even better.

“Holy moly,” she murmured.

“I know. Makes me want to cook outside every night. I haven’t a clue why it’s so good this way.”

She did. He knew what he was doing, even if it was the unexpected skill of pulling together a fire-cooked dinner on a dark winter night. Sam never shouted about anything he did well, but he had ways of giving, she thought, that made others look like amateurs in the love department.

How did all this get so dangerous? It was just dinner? Sharing some tidbits with the Wolfhound, until Sam put a stop to it. Savoring those sweet bites of tender chicken. Her fingers were sticky. She ate every morsel, it was all so delicious. So why did her gaze keep sliding toward his, meeting up, producing a heart beat she’d never danced to before?

And dinner wasn’t even over yet.

Excerpt 2

He pulled into her drive. Doused the lights.

“You don’t need to walk me in—”

He was already out and closing his door, winding around to her side. Then he said, “Yeah. I have to.”

“You think I can’t walk five inches to the back door by myself?”

“No. Because the only thing missing from this evening was a good-night kiss. Just in case we’ve both been worried about it, let’s get the darn thing over with.”

At the cottage door, Sam swooped in, low and slow, not at all as if he were worried about this. He was, though—worried if this was going to matter to her as much as it mattered to him. Worried she’d think he was just playing around. His cold hands pulled off her hat, let his fingers slide through through her silky hair, ease closer. His eyes met hers for a millisecond.

He wasn’t playing around.

If you love Jill Shalvis and Lori Wilde, then you won’t want to miss this new novel—and start of a new series, The Snowflake Sisters—by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Greene, who returns with a poignantly emotional story about the joys—and frustrations—of family, sisters, and self-discovery. Read Entire Review

~ Sandra Wurman, Fresh Fiction

Jennifer Greene: On Supporting Women Through Fiction

Bestselling author Jennifer Greene discusses the accident that led to a break from writing and the isolation that led to her return with her new novel, Hideaway at Silver Lake.

Jennifer Greene is the bestselling author of over 85 books, the winner of multiple awards, and an ardent reader herself. She’s written romances, romantic suspense, single titles, novellas, and numerous nonfiction articles. In her books, she’s known for her unforgettable characters, sneaky humor, and the vital women’s issues she loves to explore with her readers. Read Entire Article

Article by Robert Lee Brewer, Writer's Digest

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